Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beauty of Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, especially in Upstate NY.  Luckily enough I'm granted the opportunity to experience this wonderful time of the year first hand.  The mix of colors that cover the trees brings a sense of warmth to the cool crisp air.  You can bring the beauty of fall into your home with some simple inexpensive tips.  Here are five great tips from

1. Utilize the "use what you have" theory! Go through your cupboards and drawers to find items that can be used as props in your fall display. Find pitchers to use to hold wildflowers and dried grasses, bring out warm throws to toss over your couch, layer fabrics on your tables. (Remember, pretty blankets and quilts can work well!)

2. Take a nature walk. Gather organic elements that can be used in your fall makeover. Acorns, pinecones, seed pods, bark, even stones can be used as display in bowls around the home. Press pretty leaves and strew them on tables and around centerpieces.

3. Bring out the candles! If you put away your candles for winter, now is the time to bring them to center stage. Gather groups of inexpensive votives and tie together with scraps of raffia.

4. Add scent to the home. Simmer apple peels and cinnamon sticks on the stove, or invest in a couple of vials of potpourri oil. They are relatively inexpensive at just a couple bucks apiece, and they last forever as you only need a few drops.

5. Celebrate the tastes of the harvest season. Keep apples and pomegranates out in bowls, store squashes on countertops, pick up a pumpkin or two at your produce stand (even though it's not Halloween yet!) and use as a centerpiece, or pile a couple next to the kitchen door.

Kathleen Wilson is an author, national columnist, and editor of The Budget Decorator. You can find more free ideas and projects, and info on her online workshop based on her book at

The fun part about decorating for fall is that you can transistion Halloween and Thanksgiving into it without having to do much.  Add a few vintage bats and witches for Halloween or a Pilgrim or two for Thanksgiving and wha-la you've got a beautifully decorated home that will bring you through the season. 

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